Thursday, July 9, 2009

* first in-class assignment *

Hi there!

  • I'm zaHirah and my friends call me Zaza. I just know some of the basic skills and knowledge of computers e.g switch on or shut down the computer

  • Microsoft office is one of the computer softwares that I know how to utilize as I use it since I was in primary school. I use other apllications such as Nero to burn or copy Cds, Ares to download songs or vclips and Switch to convert some files.

  • I usually update my Facebook and Friendster ( which is the first thing that i will do ), download songs, watch videos and find articles or sources for my academic purposes as well. Sometimes, I sign in my YM but as our internet connection was not that good, I'm very reluctant to use it...

  • I planned to use computer during my practicum as I enjoy exploring the technology. Unfortunately, I only managed to use two periods each with my classes (no observation was conducted at that time). There was only one room available in the library to use the technology. Nonetheless, I brought a laptop and a speaker to the classroom for a few of my listening activities.

  • I don't have any experience with online learning but will try someday....

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